Business Consulting

Baseline Solutions provides Business Development and Change/Project Management Services. Our customer base spans from BIG 4 consultancy too small business and start-ups. With more than 20 years of experience we have a profound business knowledge and works across most business sectors.

We offer business development and change management consultancy. You will find specific examples of projects we have conducted further below.

Business Development
Specific projects defined by the customer. Typically initiated by a need to change we assess current state and define desired future state. We then either take on the work, manage the project or hand over to the customer. Often we work between business and technology when implementing cross-functional solutions.

Change Management
We can help your business when you go through change and transformation, including Stakeholder Management, Communication, Training/Coaching. Working with our clients we look at expected benefits and how they can be realized.

Consultancy Packages

We have developed Consultancy Packages for all those projects that do not call for a full time consultant. Maybe you just need a fresh view on your project or an extra set of hands to finish a specific task. You will find that even a few hours can make a huge difference. Packages are typically used by startups and the smaller business.

Below you can find the packages we offer, and some examples of what types of services we have provided for customers.

3 hours
 Price € 525
 (€ 175/hour)

5 hours
 Price € 775
 (€ 155/hour)

10 hours
 Price € 1.350
 (€ 135/hour)


Create a framework template for a detailed marketing plan. The customer used this to map out marketing tasks for the coming year (rolling).
This is a blank line.
Review the customer’s financial status and outlined a plan to address a deficit and turn it around.
This is a blank line.
Assess current marketing strategy/web presentation. The customer used the result as a checklist for making changes.

Create short video presentations for marketing purposes. Customers use the videos on their website or for displaying their product on YouTube.
This is a blank line.
Review of business plan. The customer used the result to ensure completeness and to obtain a second opinion/input to the content.
This is a blank line.
Conduct a half day workshop for 30 people. It is a hands-on introduction to the “6 Thinking Hats” – a method used for improved communication and project assessment. This enabled the customer to make a decision about using the method.

Ongoing advisory. On a weekly basis we discussed tasks, progress and issues. This helped the customer to stay focused through a challenging period.
This is a blank line.
Cost/Benefit review of existing products. The customer used the result to discontinue parts of the product portfolio.
This is a blank line.
Analysis of the potential customer base for a new product. This gave the customer an expected sales/turnover.


* The packages contain a set number of hours that are to be used within 1 year of purchase. Depending on the package you chose, you will get a discount on our regular hourly price. The discount will increase with the number of hours. Price shown are without VAT.



We also offer consulting for longer term projects. Typically we define the work that must be done and a period together with the customer. Depending on the nature of your project it could be full time, part-time, on-site or remote working.

Below are some of the types of projects we have been involved with on a contract basis.

Transition/Change Management.
This is a blank line.
Develop the Change Management approach, framework and supporting toolbox for a global SAP implementation. This enabled the customer to include change tasks and achieve the benefits of the new system.
This is a blank line.
Create and maintain Stakeholder Map. Manage Stakeholders and ensuring everyone pulls in the desired direction.
This is a blank line.
Create Training Map and Material. Conduct training in groups and 1-1.
This is a blank line.
Ongoing coaching in Change and Project Management.

Project Management.
This is a blank line.
Managed team of 10+. The team developed requirements for ID Management.
This is a blank line.
Re-structure and turnaround of projects. Managed the projects into PRINCE structure and back on track.

Business Development.
This is a blank line.
Designed and implemented a new support Organization in EMEA. The result was a unified customer experience across the region and an optimized use of resources internally.
This is a blank line.
Developed the business case, delivery models and head count savings for moving HR, Finance and Procurement in to a Shared/Outsourced Service. Enabled the business to make an informed decision.
This is a blank line.
Analyze current SW products across Europe. Document high level functionality and purpose of each product. The customer downsized number of products significantly based on the findings.


* Contracts for longer full time consulting are negotiated on a case by case basis.



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